Epilogue – Week of August 7th

– Aside from Eric Nilla’s shirts you should also buy Eric’s Claws.
Another Class A #50.
There’s a Class A here too.
Without a figure count, this seems totally overpriced.
Calling this a “Mixed Bag” seems like an understatement.
A cut-card 4-pack for $0.99. Seems overpriced.
220 Flesh figures. Too bad it says, “UK Only.”
Great opening bid for 77 figures.
It always bums me out to see rings in this kind of condition.
This might be a case of over-selling a product. I’m pretty sure another black #153 could be cast by someone.
$50 for 10 Flesh figures. They couldn’t throw in free shipping?
$30 for a Dark Blue #153 – or $30 for what is a bath toy in my house.
Still a good price for 73 figures.
Not bad for 61 figures either.
Great price for 200 figures – if you ignore the shipping.
$2.49 for a destroyed M.U.S.C.L.E. – sound good to you?
72 Figures.
78 Figures.
159 Figures.
275 Figures.
This just seems dumb.
When I read things like this, I have even less hope.
If you use LinkedIn, then read this.
If this works, then I’m going to buy 100 of them.

First, let me assure everyone – this will not become Cheeseburger-Cat-Of-The-Week. I had a friend send me this; we used to say it all the time.

Since I’ve had kids, it has taken on a new meaning. Sometimes I feel like, after my little ones have done something ridiculous, that when they answer, “I don’t know why I did it?”

They really mean, “Fuck you – that’s why!”


This week’s video has nothing to do with what I saw this week. It has everything to do with what someone said to me, “I don’t like NOFX.”

  1. #1 by John McKinnon on August 12, 2011 - 8:43 am

    That cat absolutely cracks me up! I keep looking at it and chuckling away to myself.

    I’m sure the boss thinks I’m crazy!!


  2. #2 by RIdureyu on August 12, 2011 - 6:37 pm

    That cat is truth.

    I wonder what that centaur-looking thing is in the bootleg auction. I shall watch, and bid if the price does not climbg too high.

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