Auction Watch #88

Perception is reality.

The power of that perception is especially interesting when certain types of auctions arise. There are currently two Satan Cross figures for sale on eBay. One of the Satan Cross figures could (and should) be described as an overpriced and largely uninteresting article. The second figure is totally awesome. The first auction, rare Satans Cross satan’s MUSCLE M.U.S.C.L.E satanscross YSNT 80’s vintage tree, features a Satan Cross with a very interesting manufacturing error. The figure features extra plastic between the two legs. It is not uncommon for collectors to overpay for Satan Cross. His accessibility and Non-Poster credentials make him a special piece for nearly every serious collector. However, the uniqueness of this Satan Cross is sure to drive collectors wild. This auction will appeal to nearly every type of M.U.S.C.L.E. collector – serious collectors, Satan Cross fans, manufacturing error collectors, etc.

The popularity of Satan Cross mixed with the uniqueness of this figure will certainly drive up the price of this figure. The final price of this figure will be $96.50.

The next group of figures are all Class A figures. These figures appear far less frequently than a Satan Cross figure. However, because of these specific figures lack of popularity, it would be unlikely for any of their prices to exceed the current average price of a Satan Cross figure. There are only three factors that drive the price of Class A figures up: (1) shill bidding; (2) character popularity; and (3) two collectors fighting for the same figure for their “master set.” Even if there are two collectors vying for that single figure, the price is only driven up when both collectors are willing to spend exorbitant amounts.

While sellers can often sell single figures for more than $20 per figure, an auction format can sometimes bring a price lower than $20. The final price of all of these Class A figures will be under $20.

Follow-Up: The first auction sold for $32, which was $64.50 less than the predicted price of $96.50. Stunning given the mythos of Satan Cross and the current price a common mint figure commands.

Satan Cross Error
Final Screen Shot

As predicted, all of the remaning auctions ended under $20. In fact, none of the figures sold for more than $13.29.

#47 Final Screen Shot

#93 Final Screen Shot

#135 Final Screen Shot

#156 Final Screen Shot

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