Auction Watch #104

Auction Watch is broken up into two groups this week: (1) bid now or you will miss it; and (2) HOLY SHIT!

The first group (bid now or you will miss it) all come from Muscle Things (Alec). He has nine custom figures listed on eBay, and all of them end TODAY (Wednesday May 23rd around 5~6 PM Eastern Standard Time). At this point Alec’s figures are practically a staple of Auction Watch. Frankly, very little additional praise can be heaped onto them. Instead, act fast and don’t miss out on these figures:

The second group (HOLY SHIT!) like the first will be grouped together. These lots are “holy shit” in the unbelievably good, bad, interesting, shocking, and or some combination of these traits way. Feel free to post what kind of “holy shit” auction it is in the Comments below.

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