The Adam Pratt OMFG figures are completed!

After many hints and teaser pictures, the stunning Adam Pratt OMFG sets from are complete. There are a total of six sets available.

The first set is the Natural set. The idea for this set was, “If these figures existed in reality, then they would look like this.”

Adam Pratt/UofMUSCLE - Painted OMFG Figures - Natural Set

The second set is the Weathered set. If a painted set of OMFG figures were a movie, then this set would be Blade Runner. There is a sense of reality, but the reality is dirty and lived in.

Adam Pratt/UofMUSCLE - Painted OMFG Figures - Weathered Set

The third set is the 90’s Action Figure set. The OMFG figures were a homage to the popular, unpainted mini-figures of the 1980’s. This set of figures were painted as a homage to the vibrant, and sometimes odd, color choices of many action figures of the 1990’s. These figures should have their own VHS movie with limited edition Pogs.

Adam Pratt/UofMUSCLE - Painted OMFG Figures - 90's Action Figure Set

Anyone that knows Adam Pratt’s work knows it is truly unbelievable and stunning. If there is anyone that doesn’t know, then this will be the perfect opportunity to add some of his best work to your collection. All of the details regarding the sale of these figures have not been finalized, so be sure to keep checking (plus Facebook and Twitter) for all the latest updates. The only absolute, at this point, is that the first set of figures will be sold on eBay (hopefully starting this Friday).

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