Auction Watch #108 – Non-SDCC UofM SDCC OMFG Exclusive

With everyone gearing up for SDCC exclusives, it seemed like a good time to finally start offering UofM’s exclusive Adam Pratt custom painted OMFG figure sets. These sets should have all the appeal of a SDCC exclusive without all of the hassle – as long as eBay isn’t considered a hassle (please try to limit the snickering at the previous comment).

Admittedly, Auction Watch #108 is shameless self-promotion. Thankfully the product is unbelievable.

Adam Pratt created several sets of custom painted OMFG figures specifically for the UoM School Store. There are three “collections” (Natural, Weathered, and 90’s Action Figure) and only two sets for each collection. The first Natural set will be sold on eBay with the plan being for subsequent collections to appear in the School Store.

Adam Pratt/UofMUSCLE - Painted OMFG Figures - Natural Set

Click Here to See the eBay Auction

The University of M.U.S.C.L.E. has always argued that $0.99 starting bids are always the most enticing. And even though OMFG figures retail for at least 900% more than that, the quality of these figures will easily catapult the final auction price past any retail OMFG price.

The auction, Custom Painted “Natural” Set of OMFG Figures from Adam Pratt &, not only features a $0.99 starting bid but also free shipping to US buyers. Apologies to any potential international buyers; international shipping is expensive.

The added benefit of this self-serving Auction Watch is that all collectors will get to see the amazing product that Adam created. The customization cliché has certainly become that, “you have to see it in person!” As clichéd as it may be, it rings true here. Adam’s figures are beyond stunning.

Full comparative pictures of each figure, from UofM Yellow to Adam’s finished product, can be seen at the bottom of this post.

'Skull Man' - Back

'Skull Man' - Front

“Skull Man” is UofM’s Zuckuss and 4-LOM fiasco. The figure’s name is actually Multiskull, and this is arguably one of the best Multiskull figures you will ever see.

Adam has been able to create stunning depth and an incredible incredibly realistic bone color.

Stroll - Back

Stroll - Front

Adam’s Stroll color is based on the original coloration that the designer John “Spanky” Stokes had envisioned. Adam hoped to create a realistic version of that original figure.

It would be very fair to say he accomplished that task, and most would likely say he overwhelmingly shot past that goal.

Crawdad Kid - Back

Crawdad Kid - Front

The Crawdad Kid appears to be equal parts shellfish and classic seafaring sailor. The lobster-like coloring of the head is beautiful. The coloring is so good that the back of the head becomes almost as impressive as the front.

The brown clothing could have been drab, but Adam finds little things to elevate the figure. The best probably being the silver buttons of the shirt.

King Castor - Back

King Castor - Front

King Castor might be the most subtly impressive figure in the group of figures. At first glance it is a gray castle, like you would expect – which is a large part of the brilliance. This castle looks exactly as you would expect a stone castle to look. It’s not a simple gray, it’s a realistic stone. And the wooden door, and face (with perfectly chosen green eyes), do not cause any visual intrusions. This figure looks like it should, and that’s the real trick.

Phantom Shithouse - Back

Phantom Shithouse - Front

It’s a Phantom Shithouse. The only realistic question that needs to be asked is, “What color is the poop?”

But, viewing this figure through the realistic-lens the question isn’t that simple. An outhouse is going to be filled with piss, shit, warm beer, and just about anything that can fit through the hole. If that came alive it would be more of a “muck monster,” which is what Adam has so skillful delivered.

As individual figures it is nearly impossible to argue the overall quality of Adam’s work. It becomes even more impressive when the original blank canvases are considered. Adam transformed each of these monochromatic figures into fully realized polychromatic characters.

Skull Man Comparative Transformation

Stroll Comparative Transformation

Crawdad Kid Comparative Transformation

King Castor Comparative Transformation

Phantom Shithouse Comparative Transformation

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  1. #1 by Eric Nilla on July 10, 2012 - 2:34 pm

    Awesome paint app, but that’s a given since its done by Adam. That guy is amazing~!

  2. #2 by Glenn on July 30, 2012 - 8:30 pm

    These painted figures are flat out awesome!

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