Art 200 – AshuraShine from Brownnoize Productions and

AshuraShine from Brownoize Productions and

AshuraShine - Front

AshuraShine has a pretty amazing little history. Sanjeev from Brownnoize Productions had created AshuraShine using CAD software and then had it 3D printed. His creation had gone almost entirely unnoticed until Tyler from stumbled upon it eight months after Sanjeev had originally posted it on his website.

Tyler shared it with the members of and soon AshuraShine became a figure M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors were clamoring for. Sanjeev and Alec from soon connected and the figure was finally available to collectors.

The other piece of AshuraShine history worth knowing is something that Sanjeev said about the figure:

I’ve never been cool with hyper-limited releases and all that, so even if it takes a while to pump out small waves of figures, as long as people want them, we’ll keep making them (though colors and effects may vary…). Patience will be rewarded!

Back of Header Card

This is the best possible thing to hear about the AshuraShine figure, because every M.U.S.C.L.E. collector (and even some non-M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors) should add this figure to their collection.

The front of the header card (seen above) is simple and attractive, which makes the back of the header card feel a bit disconnected. The Brownnoize Productions and logos simply don’t mesh with the clean design of the header card. However, this is a minor flaw and certainly doesn’t negatively affect the figure in any way.

AshuraShine - Back

The AshuraShine figure is simply stunning. Some collectors may initially think that the figure is kit-bashed from various Sunshine figures; however that is not the case. It is a 100% original figure. It was sculpted using CAD software – which only makes it more spectacular.

It is difficult to heap enough praise on this figure; the placement of the arms, the brick detailing, the chest design, the logo on the back – all of it is just astonishing!

The three separate faces certainly deserve a special amount of attention. AshuraShine is the combination of the popular Sunshine (“Brick”) character and Ashuraman (the six-armed, three-faced) character. If those two figures are going to be combined, then it makes perfect sense to have three faces. Sanjeev was able to accomplish something very interesting with the three faces.

All three of the faces are uniquely different, but still look like the Sunshine faces. The faces maintain the very specific face of the Sunshine figure, which is something that could have been easily lost in the process through over exaggeration.

AshuraShine – Front Face

AshuraShine – Side Face 1

AshuraShine – Side Face 2

AshuraShine and #38 Comparison

The #38 M.U.S.C.L.E. figure has become the standard figure used when spotlighting custom figures. Normally it provides a good size comparison. In the case of AshuraShine not only does it provide that, but it also shows exactly how masterfully the AshuraShine figure was executed.

Finally there is the issue of price. The AshuraShine figure sells for $20 and is worth every penny of that price tag. Unfortunately there is not an online store to purchase the figure, but contact Sanjeev through his website to place an order.

Sanjeev set the bar incredibly high with the AshuraShine figure. But anybody that can create the AshuraShine figure can certainly reach that level again. The M.U.S.C.L.E. community certainly appreciates his contributions and can’t wait to see what is next!

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