Auction Watch #111

Right now there are five large Canadian lots of M.U.S.C.L.E. figures on eBay. Normally lots like this would be very exciting and deservedly get lots of bids and attention. These shouldn’t be considered anything but really good big lots.

Longtime M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors know that Canadian auctions, specifically western Canada, often have multiple Class A figures as part of the lot. This seller is not located in western Canada, their location is listed as Toronto. Not necessarily a negative, but not nearly as promising.

The auction description provides the insight that this seller has a physical eBay drop-off store. So this seller isn’t just looking to clear out a collection. This is a business, and they know how to most effectively use eBay and eBay pictures. Look at this previous M.U.S.C.L.E. auction or this G.I. Joe airplane. They understand that numerous, fully illustrative picture sell product and increase the final price.

This seller also understands the appeal of a big mysterious lot, which is why there is one picture and an apparent unwillingness to add pictures.

This seller likely did their homework. Anything truly special would have been parsed out. Does that mean zero Class A figures are in these lots? Probably not. There could be one or two, probably a fair amount of Class B figures too.

But these are still good lots. All of the have at least 220 figures and four of the five have 300 figures. There also appear to be some cool bootlegs and other mixed little figures included. Lot D has a Yellow #5 MUSCLEMANIA figure!

If the seller made one mistake, it was listing all of the auctions at once. Rolling out a large “Canadian lot” each week would have surely pushed up the price on each lot. Especially if one or two Class A figures had been included in the first two lots.

All five of these auctions will certainly sell and all five of these auctions will have a per figure price of, at least, $0.56 – probably closer to $0.75 per figure.

There also seemed to be a fair amount of custom figures being resold on eBay this week. Specifically some of the work from Eric Nilla and Alec from As a buyer, if you get their figures at a fraction of the cost through eBay, then I understand. But if sellers are charging as much or more for the figure, then just go to the source.

Support these guys with your dollars so they keep pumping out great custom figures:

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