Art 100 – Counterfeit Figure Typology Update

Type R Example #1

A new type of counterfeit figure has been added to the Counterfeit Figure Typology section of Art 100. The new type of figure is a Metallic Bootleg.

The Metallic Bootlegs have two core defining attributes: (1) a metallic coloring; and (2) incredibly poor quality. The coloring appears to be in several different shades – blue, purple, green, gray, yellow. The specific condition of these figures can vary greatly. However, many of these figures feature excessive flashing and visible cracks in the plastic. Perhaps most unique many of the figures feature feet, or other parts, that have sink marks (e.g., the bottom of the foot is concaved). The YSNT trademark may be present and it may have been removed (to varying degrees).

Type R Example #2

Type R Example #3

Type R Example #4

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