Epilogue – Week of November 25th

When work and my personal life (or real life) start to overwhelm the first thing that needs to be dropped is the website. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. What’s even worse is that when I can get back to it, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that I missed. I’ll try and catch-up today, but then it’s upwards and onwards.

First, the UofM OMFG Series 2 figures are available for Pre-Order.

Please buy some.

H.U.S.T.L.E. from Man-E-Toys.com: Honestly, I can’t keep up with everything. It seems like there is always a new picture, different artist, or new figure. I can’t keep up! Just let me know when and where to buy, then I will be happy!
Ironhaus: I always love a good behind-the-scenes picture and Jimmy doesn’t disappoint. But I wouldn’t mind some pictures that are a bit more clear. Unclear teaser, ok. Unclear BTS shot, a little frustrating.
– Speaking of Jimmy, have you seen the work he and Eric have done with the Gorewads? I’m buying myself a set for Christmas, and then finally giving them the review they deserve. (Damn my real job getting in the way.)
Imperfecz Toys, l.designs, Luke Harris: First, I want to work with Luke on his branding – what is the real name?!?! Second, I want to buy something from that re-branded company. Probably the Karlos Borloff figure.

Ok, that’s it. I have to draw the line somewhere. There’s just been so much. If I ever hear people complain about the state of M.U.S.C.L.E. or even mini-figure collecting, then I show you someone who is living with their eyes and ears closed.

I think the prices of these auctions are far, far worse for the hobby than any Non-Poster figure prices.
I don’t care how you shoot it, that a $0.50 figure.
100 figures, but not one drop of Intendo.
I bet this bidder is a Flesh #208 army builder.
I wonder if the #208 army builder saw this lot?
I would never, ever buy a set – but I wonder where this will end.
Normally I don’t like kitschy coffee mugs, but I like this one.
How? Why?
Crazy dirty Red figures or crazy cool bootlegs?
Best part of this auction? The price tags. I bet they were bought together 20+ years ago.
“$1 per figure and $7 for the ring sounds fair.” That’s what I imagine him thinking.
– At first I thought, “What a perfect Hanukkah gift, but then I read GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!!! Too bad.
Guess the reserve price. I say $25.99, maybe $26.
This lot should be lot 6 and this one should be lot 8.
The perfect lot for adding frustration into your collecting life.
It’s a Sunshine lot, but it will always be a Brick-Guy lot in my heart.
Hey, more Brick-Guys!
Are they going to have a circle jerk onto poor #195?
255 Color figures.
254 Color figures (just in case you don’t want such a big lot).
“No bootlegs,” too bad – it would help this auction.
The free shipping really helps this lot.
I’m not a big micro-keshi fan, but some people will dig this lot.
Is the the best collection of the most common figures ever?
Always go to the source for customs, but you can’t ignore a $0.99 Nama-Keshi!

At first my Video of the Week was going to be this, but by Friday I figured everybody saw it. Then I came across this, and it was going to be the Video of the Week – but it kind of feels gross, no matter how cute and charming Alison Brie appears.

So, in honor of the best part of the video, and the fact that “Alison Brie cleavage” brought the most traffic to the site this week (don’t ask me, you should see some of the Google terms that bring people here), I present my “Picture” of the Week: Alison Brie doing the Charleston.

The other picture choice was this and me saying I did it first after the election, but that sucks.

You are welcome.

As for a Video of the Week, I don’t know. This asshole?

  1. #1 by Imperfecz on November 30, 2012 - 2:51 pm

    Yup… about as scattered as I ever here.
    Imperfecz Toys… sorta stuck with that as an overall name as things went, l.designs is the crappy screen name I used for ebay waaaay back when and that transferred over to LRG as I wasn’t really thinking all that hard about it at the time, and Luke Harris would be my name in real life 🙂

    One day I’ll get it together………

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