Epilogue – Week of January 20th

This week I didn’t get to do an Auction Watch. I sincerely felt bad. There won’t be one next week either, but I promise to come back with my guns blazing in two weeks – unless the auctions suck or my toddler takes over the house at bedtime. All of those things feel like they have equal chances of happening.

Asshole of the Week. This dirtbag is trying to trick someone into thinking that might get lucky and score a Purple #153. That figure is 100% resin. Don’t buy from this dirtbag on principal. Buy a custom figure from one of the many, many people that personally make them. Not some asshole trying to dupe a naïve buyer.

This guy was in the AOTW hunt.
And remember, the monthly offering from UofV and Gorewads ends this week.
What the fuck am I missing?
266 Color figures.
Over 280 figures, but not one #208.
135 Flesh figures.
About $9.50 worth of figures already at $10.50.
Will the winner please email me? I need to know who you are.
Easiest lot to display.
Hardest lot to display.
The three bootlegs are the best figures in this lot.
Right price, but ugly figures. I’m sorry. Who’s going to customize them?
43 Flesh figures.
Want to over spend on boring figures? Enjoy!
Speaking of over spending…
Where is this buyer when I am selling?
I am happy to consider this a late Christmas or early birthday gift from anyone.
On one hand – you get them all. On the other hand – I don’t care.
With all the dumb buying we see, this doesn’t have a bid at $19.99?
And I quote, “Hard muscle fgure from the 80s”
I want to sit her down and have her walk me through her thought process.
I wish Nate had won this auction and it signaled the return of Fox and Tortle.
Interesting if nothing else.
A million dollars says this bidder hopes the lot is really Salmon.
Third SC this week. After years and years and years of SC.
Again, what did I miss?
At first I wanted to declare brilliance. Then I thought, “If you spend $25 to stop losing your keys all the time, you’re an idiot and deserve to spend $25 on a light cover.
This one costs $0.27 or better said – 9,159% less.

I distinctly remember the hype leading up to the Segway. It was going to change transportation. It felt like a bigger bust than New Coke. So I didn’t think this video would make me smile as much as it did. I don’t know if I enjoy idiots falling, the Segway failing, or both. Enjoy the Video of the Week:

The Picture of the Week is thanks to the Rampage Studios storefront opening today. I’ve mentioned it before and if you’re a responsible mini-figure collector you already know about it. But just in case it has passed under your radar – pay attention!

Jon Malmstedt, of Rampage Studios, is opening a custom min-figure storefront. The doors are opening today. The opening will feature tons of brand new min-figures, plus lots of new releases of popular customs from the past.

I’ll be honest; I got sent a really nice press package. It had a really great write-up. But I will be totally honest, there were so many names, and brands, and artists, and collaborations that it all started to run together.

Unless you’re going to be in Japan very soon you’ll probably miss out on most of this. So just check out these beautiful figures, and keep an eye on Jon’s blog – just in case some sales pop-up online.

I don’t think this is even everything, but its still my Picture of the Week:

RAMPAGE STUDIOS (171-0032, 3-14-9 Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku Tokyo-to, JAPAN)

I also went back and checked. I never promised more boobs. I promised more ladies. I am a man of my word. And unlike last week, this is very work safe.

Hey, Hillary Clinton is one heck of a lady.
But let me know if this isn't quite what you hope to see on Friday.

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