Series 2 OMFG Sale!

Last week, hidden in a post, there was a discount code for’s exclusive Series 2 OMFG figures. Quite a few people cashed in, but even more said, “Geez, I missed it – can I still get a discount?”

The original plan was to feature another discount in last Friday’s Epilogue and let the discount run through the weekend. Unfortunately it was omitted.

So to make up for it, the new 18% off discount code (because it’s just barely legal) will be available and active until Sunday, March 3rd. This should give everyone ample time to find the code and use the code.

How does it work?

1. Click on the School Store link –
2. Add your figures to the cart.
3. Enter the discount code, MOVINGSALE, on the cart page of the store. Once you do, you will be shown the discount name you’ve entered, as well as the amount of money you’re saving on the order.
4. Pay.
5. Wait by the mailbox.
6. Enjoy your figures.
7. Take over the world. (Optional)

UofM Yellow Color Sample

Header Card

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