Custom Mini-Figure Boutonnieres

Sometimes things just fall through the cracks. This simple little post is an effort to remedy that mistake. Back in March Brandon Waltz (also known as Doctor Dew) shared some custom mini-figure boutonnieres he had created for his wedding.

It could have been easy to select the wrong colors, figures – a million things could have gone wrong with this little project. But they didn’t. Brandon pulled off this little project with amazing success.

How did he do it? Brandon said:

A slight divot was made in the back of the toy and a magnet was inserted. Another magnet was attached to a backing piece stuck on the inside of the material. That way they stayed in place without damaging any suits or dresses.

He selected the yellow Manzilla for himself and the Purple (Game Board version) #1 for his best man. The remaining figures to the rest of the wedding party. The wedding photographer deserves a little credit too for taking some wonderful pictures of the mini-figure boutonnieres.

Custom Mini-Figure Boutonnieres


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    That is awesome!

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