Art 200: Super Cupcake Lucha from Rampage Toys

Super Cupcake Lucha (Flesh Version)
By Rampage Toys

Super Cupcake Lucha

Both the Cupcake Luchador and ACE Luchador from Rampage Toys have been previously reviewed. The Super Cupcake Lucha is more in line with the Cupcake Luchador as it also features Rampage Toys’ logo inspired face and cupcake head. And like the Cupcake Luchador (featuring a #217 Muscleman base) the Super Cupcake Lucha also features a base from Muscleman. This time the #1 body has been used.

Like the Big Daddy Vain and His Goons figures from Edge of Doom it would be easy to suggest the Super Cupcake Lucha is a simple head-swap. It is not.

Rampage Toy’s cupcake head has a staggering positive impact on the figure. The head and body mixture of the Cupcake Luchador created more of a comically manic figure – a more high energy figure. Reusing the icon cupcake logo head could have been disastrous. It is not. Amazingly the head fits the #1 body perfectly and results in a stoic and very heroic version of the Cupcake Luchador. Truly a Super Cupcake Lucha.

Super Cupcake Lucha

Super Cupcake Lucha

The figure is not resin. It is a keshi-style rubber. The color is not an exact match to iconic M.U.S.C.L.E. Flesh color, but it is close enough that the instant connection is made. The figure was cast by Niall from Tru:tek (

First and foremost, I did not pay for this figure. I received him has an extra for an order I had placed for a some H.U.S.T.L.E. figures. That’s why he does not feature any packaging in the review.

It’s easy to overlook the quality of the molding and the rubber. As more and more manufacturers become available for artists it can be hard to keep track – especially as more and more use rubber over resin. However the great work of Niall from Trutek needs to be acknowledged because it truly adds to the figure in this instance.

Super Cupcake Lucha

Rampage Toys was able to add a perfectly scaled cupcake to the body. The head is perfectly placed. The sides and back of the figure look perfect, as if the cupcake head was part of the original design. Niall’s casting allows for the great detail to be seen and act as a strength for the figure. Sloppy casting would have greatly reduced the attractiveness of the figure.

Rampage Toys pays clearly pays close attention to the details. Not only is the head perfectly sized and placed, but it also has the perfect cupcake detail. The “frosting tip” is perfectly placed. Too far to the side and it would have looked like a wave or comb-over. Too far forward and it might have looked like a spike. Instead it is perfectly placed which creates a cupcake feel and not a perfect pile of dog poop feel.

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