Epilogue – Week of July 14th

Holy shit. I help coach my oldest’s t-ball team. I almost continually equate it to herding cats. The biggest stressor event is throwing the ball to the kids. I literally hold my breath and pray that it doesn’t hit them in the face. I can’t imagine any possible scenario that would have me attack the other coach. I think this event has little to do with sports, or overly competitive parents, and everything to do with the absolute failing of mental health as a public service for this country.

I always like to look for local Detroit things on Kickstarter. This has to be the biggest failure I’ve ever seen or even heard about. It might be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

By now I’m sure you’ve read, or at least heard of, The Pixar Theory by Jon Negroni. I was impressed by the effort, but it immediately felt like a stretch to me. To me, it felt exactly like a conspiracy theory – but I’m glad. It helped me to realize how smart people get sucked into conspiracy theories.

Normally when you bring up conspiracy theories peoples’ emotions often get in the way. It’s hard to have a logical, unemotional discussion with either side. The Pixar Theory doesn’t have that. Whether a reader buys into the theory, or not, they don’t have an emotional stake in the argument. Hell, most people had never thought about it until they read it.

The positive reaction to the Pixar Theory helped me to see why people buy-in without the emotional component. The first thing that stuck out – pictures, out of context pictures. The number one, the Sully picture on the wood. Pixar said it was an Easter Egg for Pixar fans. And in the movie, it’s pretty well hidden. But in the post it’s cropped and made brighter. Out of context it becomes a huge lynchpin in the entire theory.

Organization. The Pixar Theory is incredibly well organized (and easy to read). It makes it easy for people to digest. As you read it the theory feels intuitive. It doesn’t ask you to think critical, but simply accept the idea and connection. I know The Pixar Theory was probably meant to be nothing more than a fun read, but for me, it was interesting far beyond the fun.

I saw the Class A Salmon #110 right away, but I’m too tired to see anything else.
For just a second my heart skipped a beat.
224 Color figures starting at $0.99.
84 Flesh figures, also starting at $0.99.
The best part of this? The back of the card – it’s awesome!
At this point in my collecting career, seeing 4-pack auctions with more than one pack feels like extra work – not a great find.
$58.85 as a Buy It Now. Yuck.
Damn it. I thought that was a Dark Blue #228. But is that a jockey?
For this lot, doesn’t it seem very high?
65 Flesh figures.
75 Flesh figures.
$3 per figure?!?!
I promise you that the current bidder thinks it is sealed.
I have a bootleg fetish. I can admit it.
Know what is driving this lot? The Purple #208.
“Very rare wrestling toys.” Umm…
Over 180 M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.
I’m not a Romando fan, but for $0.99 I might test the waters.
For warped fans only.
Holy. Fucking. Shit.
This close to being Asshole of the Week.
I’m so glad I’ve been cured of exclusive fever.
I need to buy this for a 6th birthday party.

The Video of the Week is fine to watch, but has NSFW language. It’s pretty funny to watch without the sound, but it’s even better with it. The hitter’s level of excitement seems so out of place. It makes the absurd world of whatever-that-sport-is called seem even stranger – and I didn’t think that was possible. But maybe I’m not competitive enough. I can’t get worked up enough to punch out another t-ball coach.

Last week we had a very important vote. Option #1 won. On to a far, far more important vote. Which gif is more hypnotizing?

Option #1 - Hula Hoop

Option #2 - Taking a Walk

Who knew it could be so hypnotizing watching people do these basic things?

  1. #1 by walker13.1 on July 19, 2013 - 9:14 am

    Ironic that you post that failure about kickstarter because Detroit is filing for bankruptcy this week.

  2. #2 by Chad Perry on July 19, 2013 - 9:25 am

    walker13.1 :

    Ironic that you post that failure about kickstarter because Detroit is filing for bankruptcy this week.

    Yeah, I saw that last night.

    I didn’t have time to put anything together – plus I don’t know that people really want to hear my thoughts on that topic. T-ball rage, tits, and toys seem to bring the traffic.

    I will say, that based on the information I had, I can’t believe it too so long. Everything I read and saw suggested that Detroit would be completely out of money by April. I’m actually shocked this took so long.

    Ultimately there’s no use in complaining any longer. It happened. Boom. Done. Hopefully this will become a moment that helps Detroit – because it can’t get much worse.

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