Epilogue – Week of September 15th

I came across this 4-part comic and I thought it was a well told story, but something stuck with me. Something felt off about it. I couldn’t find myself sympathetic to the situation, but very sympathetic to the story. The story is one of alienation (both real and imposed) and the continuing journey of self-actualization. I don’t think the video games have anything to do with it. You could insert nearly any “thing” into the story and it would still work.

I’ve watched my boys start to identify toys as “girl” or “boy” toys much more often. Every time I hear them do it I counter with, “It would be ok for a (opposite gender) to like that.” The world is filled with so much shit or horror. I know I can’t shield them from all of it. But I will try and limit the amount of shit and horror we inflict about the world – even if it’s just thinking that it’s ok for girls to like Hot Wheels or boys to like Barbie.

Speaking of people inflicting shit, the Asshole of the Week was pretty clear cut. This guy is charging $41.99 for single figures (plus shipping). But which one clinched it? A Red #180 for $41.99. Congratulations! Our Asshole of the Week is selling one of the most common figures for roughly 8298% more than it is worth. (And the math is right on that – sadly.) He could have won for this one too.

Pretty nice lot, with 3 Class A figures, ending right now.
Odd little lot, but I like it – and its price!
– Someone asked me, “Isn’t this cool?” My answer, “no.”
I don’t care about the other figures, but is this a “huge” lot of Toxic Crusaders figures?
Their cup isn’t half-full, it’s fully crazy.
This guy is having quite the Romando blow-out.
If you buy this, I’d like some pictures. (Unless I have it, and haven’t taken the pictures yet – which I think is the case.)
Lots of weird things show up in a M.U.S.C.L.E. search. This is up there.
– Speaking of things that show-up in searches, someone explain this to me. Why would you spend $6.00 on this when for just a bit more you can have nearly any of these?
Nice lot, but a colossal waste of time setting up those figures.
With this auction, missing one figure is the least of the problems.
Time to let it go. It’s never going to happen.
It took me more time than I want to admit to find the Transformer.
Keep the dirty figures, and burn the CUTIEs.
This would have been interesting if it started at $0.99.
Without much, much better pictures I would never pay that.
This lot looks like the bottom of my boys’ toy drawers.
I feel like I overlooked something.
Best offer? Burn the CUTIE.
42 Flesh figures starting at $0.99.
Nice lot, but it should just be an auction. He would have done ok.
There is always Ironhaus news, but this news was extra exciting.
This is a group of M.U.S.C.L.E. figures that did not need to be broken up.

First things first, turn down your speakers. This video is crazy loud.

A bunch of years ago I got super, super drunk at a Sumo wrestling event. The beer was free, we were in a suite, and the event was absurd. It was a perfect recipe for getting super drunk with your friends. That is the only thing that ties me to Sumo wrestling.

I’m just as surprised as you that this became my Video of the Week – but c’mon. That’s how you win a match.

I’ll do my best not to fill the Epilogue with football stuff during football season. Actually I doubt I will. I think sports has been sprinkled into the Epilogue, but never a huge part. Of course, this week features Sumo wrestling and football. So what do I know?

But c’mon, you’ve got to admit. This is about as kick-ass of a catch and run as your are going to see. Plus I’d rather call this my Picture of the Week this week. Go Pack Go!

Last week I had my “funny little joke.” (Click the picture at the bottom of last week’s Epilogue in case you missed it.) It was far and away the most clicked link of the week. And frankly, out of all the things that get posted – the attractive women usually get the most clicks/traffic/whatever. So you’d think it would be the easiest part of the Epilogue, but it’s not! I tend to over think it. So, this week I promise to put zero thought into the beautiful woman below.

  1. #1 by Douglas quinn on September 20, 2013 - 8:19 pm

    I was told about some pricing for muscles today. This is from a seller on eBay, and I quote, “we’ll, the flesh claw is worth 50 bucks alone, so…”
    WHERE THE FUCK do people come up with these damn prices? Hey, anyone looking for a flesh #200? I’d sell mine for 30 thousand bucks. Haha. Anyone? I’d really like to make a few million dollars selling something worth a quarter.
    eBay is so crowded with bullshit now. It’s a bit of a drag scrolling down 1500 listings and seeing 3 gems. Everyone send messages to sellers charging a life savings for figures seen many many times a day. Educate these sellers.

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