Epilogue – Week of July 27th

I wonder what the two offers were?
$400. Guess the item.
A nice mixed lot, starting at $1 – they still exist.
“Bad Box But Mint Figures ~ Unused” Riiiiiiight.
“I counted them 3 times to verify the number in the lot.” Is counting to 112 that difficult for people?
Why do people use Nate’s pictures?
The family has been hiking more. I’m curious to see if this site is truly helpful.
$19.99 opening bid. Guess how many figures are in the lot.
No matter how many times I see it – I still think the guy is an asshole.
Lot of 205 figures.
What would you pay for a damaged #2?
$0.99 Color 10-pack. And $4 for shipping. Very nice.
“WHOLESALE.” What? Why would that enter the seller’s mind?
$0.99 is the perfect opening bid for this odd lot. But fuck your $30 shipping. And fuck you. (The seller not you the reader. I like you.)
$29.99 isn’t the sexiest opening price, but it’s a pretty nice lot.
“Japan Go Bots” WHAT?!?! I can’t even focus on the price. Japan Go Bots?!?!
Need a good laugh? This will provide it.
Turns out there is a price I would be willing to spend for these figures.
You wouldn’t care if a Non-Poster figure had a letter on the foot. Why do people care on Poster figures?
Seven figures and 11 pictures. You have to see it. Seriously.

Early NES history is interesting to me. God knows I’ve spent some time thinking about it. So, as a topic, the video below was very interesting to me.

I watched it all. And I enjoyed most of it. However, anytime the host was on screen I wanted to punch him. Maybe it was his over acting? Maybe it was his stupid faces?

You’ve got to click on this to see the
entire picture. It’s huge, but worth it.

I think he could have done some things to shorten the video, but if you’re going to watch a 12-minute YouTube video – then this is a pretty good one.

I saw this on Facebook. And the picture was literally cropped just like this – which means, of course, I clicked it. Once it opened up it was so much different than I expected. But it made me laugh smile.

The picture is huge, but if you’re a fan of Star Wars, Indy, and Clancy you should really, really like it. However, if you’re younger than, let’s say, 25 years old – this will probably just seem like a lot of pictures from old movies. But I doubt those people read this Epilogue.

My Wonder Woman.

I also think there is a solid Veers joke, but I can’t find it.

I showed my boys the new Wonder Woman picture. They were not impressed. They both said they liked the cartoon version better. I’m reserving full judgment. I think how the character plays on screen will factor in nearly 100% when people talk about this new Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter will always be my Wonder Woman.

I don’t know if men can can really swoon, but this picture made me swoon (as much as I can possibly swoon).

  1. #1 by The Orgg on August 1, 2014 - 11:43 pm

    There is potential for a self-referential Star Wars joke there, but it would require VEERing very far off the primary subject. ;-{ )

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