Art 200 – Cannibal Gyu-Dome from Namu Niku, Eric Nilla, & Rampage Studios

Cannibal Gyu-Dome
By Namu Niku, Eric Nilla, and Rampage Studios

Top Shot #1

Cannibal Gyu-Dome

I can’t do it this time.

I can’t do it because I feel stupid.

And because I feel stupid it has clouded my feelings regarding this figure.

When I first saw this figure I was enamored with it. I thought it was a beautiful extension of Namu Niku’s Gyu-Dome figure. And it is.

Here’s the weird part. When I found this page (which is seen below) while I was researching the “Mickey Mouse M.U.S.C.L.E.” I had a reaction I wasn’t expecting. I was upset.

Screen Capture

I found myself upset that the figure was largely based on an original knock-off Kinnikuman figure. But I didn’t know why – I still don’t. I was hesitant to even bring up the topic because I really struggle to articulate my feelings. I was worried it would sound petty or, even worse, that I didn’t like the figure. I really like the figure.

I decided to share my emotional reaction because, even unable to explain it, I think it is important to acknowledge when figures cause emotional reactions. I think it is interesting that I can have a negative emotional reaction (at some point) and still really like a figure. I think that is the part that points to the strength of the Cannibal Gyu-Dome figure.

There really is no arguing that the figure looks fantastic. Just look at it.

Angle #1


Angle #2

Top Shot #2

The best part of this review? The figure is easy to get and still for sale.

You likely already know these artists. But just in case you need to find more information, here are some places to find more information about Nama-Niku:
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For more information about Eric Nilla check out these links:
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It looks like Rampage Toys may have become Rampage Studios – or uses both. Hopefully continuing to use Rampage Toys is acceptable. For more information about Rampage Toys?Studios, check out these links:
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  1. #1 by MaybeEricNilla on August 18, 2014 - 5:06 am

    This figure, created by Rampage Studios, isnt based off of that old pachi kinkeshi Gyu-dome. This was a new version based off of Nama Nikus first Gyu-dome (2011) he initially released with TheGodBeast in resin, and later with me in rubber. Being a huge Kinnikuman fan Nama Niku thought it would be cool to make a new figure based off of Kinnikuman’s favorite meal, Gyūdon (Beef Bowl). This figure came after he released his original Meatgrinder and Half-Baked ham.

    It was a few years later that we came across that original Pachi kinkeshi and thought it was funny that there was an original design.

    Its kinda hard to have an original design in relation to Kinnikuman, there are literally hundreds of knock-offs. haha

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