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This post should probably be broken into two posts, but it is too remarkable to wait any longer.

The first fascinating MUSCLEMANIA addition to the MUSCLEMANIA archive comes from Eric Nilla.

At first glance the package looks like a fairly generic packaged collection of counterfeit Transformers Decoys. As soon as the plastic tray is taken out of the box it becomes obvious two figures look vastly different.

The two figures are counterfeit MUSCLEMANIA figures. The #15 and #20 figures are a unique blue color. The flexibility and texture of the figures is very similar to the keshi rubber of the 1980’s but it is glossier. They are also devoid of any Select trademarks.

Counterfeit #15 and #20 – Front

Counterfeit #15 and #20 – Back

Back of Box

It is interesting to note that the Decoys were originally release in 1986 (according to Rubber Fever). MUSCLEMANIA is difficult to accurately confirm, but the copyright claims a 1984 copyright. The copyright for this counterfeit package states 1992. Conservatively this suggests these counterfeit figures were released six years after their original release.

The second addition comes from Cameron L. (known as MoistSloth at LRG). He saw the post about Army Man Plastic MUSCLEMANIA figures and realized, “I have some of those!”

Thankfully he took pictures and shared some details about the figures.

Cameron’s #12 figure may confirm that the Army Man Plastic MUSCLEMANIA figures we altered before they were manufactured.

Army Plastic #12 – Back

Army Plastic #12

The #12 figure’s “ears” have been removed. With several figures, from different collectors, it seems safe to assume the alterations are part of the manufacturing process. The reason for the changes to these figures remains unknown.

Both figures also had their Select trademarks removed.

The question that remains, “Are the waxy Army Man Plastic MUSCLEMANIA figures authentic?”

Army Plastic #10

The removal of the Select copyright certainly lends credence to the idea of the figures being counterfeit. It seems incredibly unlikely and illogical for Select to remove their own copyright.

The altering, even if largely insignificant, is another fact that lends additional credibility to the counterfeit argument.

The only valid argument against these Army Man Plastic MUSCLEMANIA counterfeit is based on the overall quality of the figures. There is not any visible shrinkage in the figure – which would be expected from a counterfeit figure. There is not any decline in mold quality. All of the detail looks great; equal to the original authentic MUSCLEMANIA figures (ignoring the edits that have been made to the figures). The quality of the plastic is arguably as good, or better, than the original Firm MUSCLEMANIA figures and vastly better than the Stretchy figures.

Figure Type Comparison:
Firm Red #8, Army Plastic Yellow #10, Stretchy Green #1, Army Plastic Blue #12, & Firm Yellow #2

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  1. #1 by Davide on May 4, 2019 - 1:07 pm

    Hi! I’m Italian and today i found number 15 figure with “1986 copyright” “select” and “korea” wrote on the backside

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