Epilogue – Week of March 6th

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Batman v Superman comes out in 14 days. Regardless of absolutely everything, I seriously hope I show up for one second. I wanted to be an extra to impress my boys. I hope it happens.

I can always hold out hope I’m snuck into the rated R version or a deleted scene.

Thanks to ComingSoon.net, I have one last BvS “story” I can tell. I hope it’s not too boring.

About two years ago I saw rigging, and what I imagined was a green screen tarp. It looks like I was 100% correct.

I have to assume this is the crucial scene where Lois provides exposition to move the plot ahead to the next battle.

That was a cheap shot; an easy one too. I hope I’m wrong. My buddy and I often talk about the challenges of writing a Superman story. But we both agree that far too often Lois is either exposition-lady or Lennie’s rabbit. (We’ve also argued if that was the best term. But it felt appropriate to us – overly strong, loves, but needs to be careful or it will die.)

I’m not letting myself slip into an Of Mice and Men discussion.

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The other picture was from the Daily Planet.

The office building was directly next to the studio, and just down the street from LexCorp. I took the pictures of the office today.

When I originally saw the tarps and scaffolding I didn’t think it was very interesting. How many pictures like this do people really want to see?

Even if I took the pictures, then what was I going to say about it?

“Look everybody! More tarps and scaffolding from the Batman v Superman production!”

Ok, that’s it. The Batman v Superman well is dry.

Unless I show up in the movie. You guys will be force-fed a steady diet of screen captures and things my friends and family have said about it. The site will suck more than normal during that period. I apologize in advance.

Speaking of things that suck, this has been listed for years. I know I highlighted it in an Epilogue…found it. Looks like I can only prove it’s been for sale for around a year, but I know it’s been longer. I’m getting off-track.

I think this is just as good as any MUSCLE example of insane sellers causing a bottleneck. It’s not just M.U.S.C.L.E. sellers, it’s just plain delusional idiots. It’s a bummer.

Speaking of M.U.S.C.L.E. sellers, let’s see what they are listing on eBay. (Not the best series of transitions but I’m sticking with it.)

20 figures starting at $0.01.
The same seller has two other $0.01, but they’re not as good. (Unless that one figure is priceless.)
“ORIGINAL SMELLY RUBBER MEN, NOT REPRODUCTIONS!” Even if that’s true – it’s not worth $11.99
It’s a nice 4-pack with #1, but the BIN price tag is just silly.
Smiled from the start, but it was the third auction picture when I snickered out loud.
Think people will go overboard? I don’t.
Change only the opening bid to $0.99; the lot pulls in gamblers and sells for more than $40.
This pushed me to my limit.

Ok, I’ve seen enough. If there’s something discussion worthy, then post it in the Comments below. I didn’t see anything else, and I couldn’t stomach another absurd auction.

Let me wrap things up with something that I really loved this week. I have to assume must people have already seen this. I saw it on Sunday and wanted to share it immediately. And then I realized I could wait forever and post it today.

Not since Troops have I enjoyed something like this.

I wanted to end with something funny; some picture or gif. I wasn’t really finding anything that I felt worked. When I first found the gif to the right I thought, “This girl is way too young.”

Then she kicked herself in the face.

Then I wished gifs had sound. Because I realized watching this gif to “Punch in the Face” would be hysterical to me.

I dare you to tell me the song doesn’t make the gif better.

Then I realized wishing gifs had sound was the dumbest thought I had ever had. I was wishing for a movie. I was wishing for something that has been around since 1927. (Yeah, I Lougled it.)

I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow. It looks like, based on the poll, it will either be on the toilet or when you should be paying attention to your kids/partner/family.


  1. #1 by Neverwhere on March 11, 2016 - 9:22 am

    Do you think that the market for m.u.s.c.l.e. has been cooling off even more over the past few months? I still look at the auctions a couple of times a week because I want just one more thing for my collection (a 10-pack with wrapping still on it). I swear, other than the low-priced starting bid auctions, NOTHING is moving. And although I’ve only been collecting since this past summer, it seems as if the number of outrageous auctions is growing. A belt for $75 including shipping? Seriously?

  2. #2 by Orgg on March 11, 2016 - 9:43 am

    I am completely in favor of a Epilogue music video each week. Nice selection; I had not heard that song before, but I enjoyed it.

  3. #3 by Chad Perry on March 11, 2016 - 11:36 am

    Neverwhere :

    Do you think that the market for m.u.s.c.l.e. has been cooling off even more over the past few months? … I swear, other than the low-priced starting bid auctions, NOTHING is moving. …

    It cools off; it heats up. That’s they way it is with M.U.S.C.L.E. toys. It has always been like that and I expect it to always stay like that.

    I think that’s what fuels a lot of the impulse spending by newer collectors. They really believe an over-priced auction will be their “only chance.” And once that buyer stops the market cools off.

    I think that is large part of the reason nothing appears to be selling. If you don’t have buyers for over-priced auctions, then they just sit there. There is stuff selling, but it feels like nothing is because the same stupid auctions have been clogging eBay for months.

    And even if sellers take them down they return to eBay unchanged. Same stupid prices.

  4. #4 by Chad Perry on March 11, 2016 - 11:39 am

    Orgg :

    I am completely in favor of a Epilogue music video each week. Nice selection; I had not heard that song before, but I enjoyed it.

    I’m really glad you liked it. I got to see them at a TINY bar in college and it was beyond awesome.

    I can try and put in more music, but don’t expect much new music. After Dr. MUSCLE was born I can count on one hand the number of new bands I have “discovered.” So all music will be pre-2008. 🙂

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