Stir Up Saturday – Custom Figures and Stuff

Damn it. The site was down for most of the afternoon and evening.

I want to write something, but not really. I’m not a machine. I’d rather play video games with the boys on “video game night.”

So…let’s remember: (1) I can always use help; (2) it could be worse; and (3) this is the longest, most convoluted, review ever. Break it up dumb-dumb.

I will say this five years later. I love some of those figures more than ever, and I dislike some of those figures more than ever.

Can you guess which ones?

Custom #141

Custom #68

Custom #60

Custom #177

Custom #176

Custom #27



Transforming Sunshine




I hate my hosting site.

  1. #1 by Matt Maldre on March 12, 2016 - 10:08 pm

    I’m still relatively new to the site, but Custom #60 is quite crazy! I’ve never seen that figure. My fav of the bunch would be Custom #176.

    For the site being down, I’ve found in the past year that on my own site I’ve had much less traffic, but my site would go down much more frequently. Weird, eh? But then I realized that I didn’t have a WordPress security plugin. Hackers try to brute force into your site by just continually guessing passwords. I use the All-in-One plug-in, because it has a ton of settings to help prevent attacks.

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