M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure #183

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Original Retail Availability: This figure was available in both 4- and 10-packs.
Kinnikuman Part: Sixteen
English Translated Kinnikuman Name: Pinch Man
Anecdotal Collector Name(s): The guy that looks like pliers.
Versions Available: Flesh, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple

Other Notes:
The direct English translation, according to Google Translate, of the original Japanese name results in Penchiman. But bilingual speakers of English and Japnese have always said the correct translation is Pinch Man. There’s also an interesting story about the acquisition of the figure.

#183 - Front

#183 - Back

#183 – Dark Blue
Class B

#183 – Light Blue
Class B

#183 – Green
Class A

#183 – Red
Class C


#183 – Orange
Class B

#183 – Purple
Class C


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This figure is a part of the Ordinary Object group.

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