Stir Up Saturday – Fuck You Confusing Auction Watch

I’m such a dummy. I was off an entire month last week. I would have rather reminisced about this or the Matrix lean if I had selected October 2011. Whatever. I doubt anybody is too upset.

Actually, it would be pretty funny if they were. I wish I could get organized enough to make it a contest. I’d love to read complaints from people stating how being off a month in the Stir Up Saturday wrecked their weekend or offended them.

Feel free to post your complaints in the Comments below. Maybe it could be turned into a contest?

Now that I’m looking back at the correct month, I’m able to accurately take a look at the site five years ago. I clicked on Auction Watch #82 and thought, “Hey, this is kind of cool too talk about.”

But then I kept scrolling. I found something that made me laugh a little bit. The Comments of Auction Watch #82.

Leitmotiv :
I don’t understand it when you say the final price of an auction will be such and such, but the auctions haven’t ended yet.

I still can’t imagine how a person could ever fail to understand the vast complexity of Auction Watch.

An argument could be made about “reading comprehension” but even if it was zero, on a scale of one-to-ten, you don’t get to this website by accident. Reading comprehension is the most difficult when you don’t understand a topic or have any familiarity with it.

If you come to this site, then you know something about M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. If you’re reading Auction Watch as a M.U.S.C.L.E. collector, then you probably know a little bit about ongoing auctions. To be dumfounded, and then argue the point, of predicting a final value still mystifies me. I can only laugh.

Speaking of laughing, the Epilogue from five years ago has something that still makes me laugh:

I kept scrolling down and thought, “I guess that’s it; nothing else to look back at.”

Then I clumsily hit the Page Down button and I was laughing again.

Steve :
fuck you.

Was Steve the AOTW? Is Steve still pissed? What was he pissed about to begin with?

I’m just glad Steve cared enough to read and leave a comment. Do you guys care that much?

  1. #1 by Nick..Bones... on October 15, 2016 - 11:49 am

    Not sure if it means much…but I care…
    I enjoy reading most if not all of your articles here

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