Stir Up Saturday – Stalking Halloween

Five years ago I was far too pleased with this picture and this text on the homepage, “It’s probably a good thing this feature was renamed Auction Watch. Auction Stalking seems too dark.”

I don’t know why it still makes me laugh. It’s not funny.

I must have decided that stupid joke was enough for the week because not much else was posted. There was an Epilogue. It didn’t have too much to talk about – except for this picture.

There’s not much more to share. I said basically everything in the Epilogue.

I just can’t believe it has been five years since that picture.

That brick wall sits on top of the Halloween decorations in the basement. Every time I go in the basement I see it. Maybe that’s why my brain can’t believe it has been five years.

Time is a funny thing.

If the picture to the right was taken five years ago, then this picture must have been taken 200 years ago.

God damn.

Time is a funny thing.

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