Epilogue – Week of November 6th

Monday: Drove to work. Forgot my computer.

Tuesday: Voted.

Wednesday: I had to reassure a worried 9-year old, at 7:30am, that a wall wouldn’t be built and a war wouldn’t start.

Thursday: TBD (I hoping it will be pizza night with the boys.)

Lots of things happen during a day. Being an election week I decided to highlight the most memorable and/or biggest moment of each day. I wanted to be able to take a critical look back at the week. What had really mattered to me?

No matter which candidate won I thought this would bring me some form of comfort. It would prove to me that each day is a new one. Each day is something new.

It proved I need work at having better moments. Some might fall in my lap, but I need to work to make sure I find happy, memorable moments with my boys. Most of the moments from this week will be lost to time. If I don’t work to create positive tent-pole memories, then shitty ones will take their place.

Then I saw this on SportsCenter…

Whether your candidate won or lost, this made me feel pretty good. It can be so easy to worry and see the terrible things. It’s nice when something positive just drops in your lap.

241 global auctions this week.

At the end of 2016 there is no excuse for bad pictures.
This is a good auction with the, currently, $0.38 per figure price.
Faded or terrible picture. I think it is terribly faded.
I can’t believe this has two bids.
Same here. Is #163 that popular?
I do like this counterfeit #141 figure.
This tends to get listed with super high opening bids. Very curious to see the end of this auction.

3,635 BIN listings this week.
One figure for $11.47 and three for $11.47. Same seller. WHAT?!?!
$14.50, $8.99, or $6.95 for a $0.50 #107 figure.
Fuck that price, but I liked this for some unknown reason.
$55. It makes me sad.
Does anyone own UofMUSTLE.com?

[instagram url=https://instagram.com/p/BMe5W5tAf_x/ hidecaption=true width=320]

It surprises me that some M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors don’t like MUSCLEMANIA figures. I know that some M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors actively hate the figures. You couldn’t possibly hate this picture.

It makes me wonder what is more important to a figure. Is it the sculpt or the material of the casting?

I recognize that may sound like a silly question, but hear me out.

I’ve started to think of the sculpt and material of a figure like a seesaw. Most of the time the sculpt outweighs the material. The collector likes the figure because of the sculpt and the material is almost meaningless.

Other times it is more balanced. The sculpt is great and the material is great. Maybe the material is a M.U.S.C.L.E.-like rubber, or a cool color-swirl, or GITD, or some combination of those things.

But could these beautiful MUSCLEMANIA figures be an example of collectors liking the material more than the sculpt? The material is so attractive that it “outweighs” the sculpt itself.

The material being more impressive than the sculpt is certainly the exception. Could this seesaw idea be correct?

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