Stir Up Saturday – $6,798.24 Figure?


From Epilogue and AW #87

Was there anything left to say?

Of course there was. I think I was just lazy.

The Prism Man sold for $2,258.55. Do you think it would be more or less today?

My brain argues both ways. I think the idea that the price would be lower is based almost solely on emotions. I want to say, “Nobody would spend that much today.”

But what data am I basing that on? I can’t defend my feelings. The logical part of my brain angrily throws the recent $273.57 headless SHA in my own face.

Six years earlier a headless SHA sold for $91, which was less than I expected at the time. This time a headless SHA sold for much more than I expected. Maybe the data suggests that I have no idea what is going to happen with auctions for Non-Poster figures.

If I look at the $273 sale price in a vacuum, then I can make an argument that rationalizes the price. When I compare it to the $91 sale price my brain starts to melt. Nearly a 201% price increase in six years?!?!

The math is accurate, but I know that’s not a fair calculation. There are too many confounding variables. If it was sound, then the Prism Man would probably sell for $6,798.24 today.

Speaking of prices I struggle to understand, this SC might be the greatest steal of all-time. It sold for $32.

I assumed that the extra flashing would actually drive the price significantly higher. Whether you like or dislike the extra flashing you can’t deny it is unique. I thought “unique” plus “Satan Cross” would equal price absurdity.


Even buying the figure, and cutting away the flashing, feels like it would be worth it at $32. I feel like that would be a crime against M.U.S.C.L.E. collecting, but I could have understood someone doing it.

This is the only M.U.S.C.L.E. auction I look back at with regret. I wish I would have won that figure. I think it’s a special piece of M.U.S.C.L.E. history.

At least 6 years of playing with the Space Station.

I mentioned kano yesterday. I do not care if people like when I add in those personal pieces. I love stumbling upon them years later. As I looked back at the last December 4th Epilogue I discovered one of those gems. It featured some suggestions for presents based on what the boys loved at the time.

I clicked on the Space Station out of curiosity and the Amazon price (when I looked) was $279. Holy shit.

A few weeks ago we set-up a huge Imaginext battle in the Kitchen (we needed space, a level floor, and no carpet). This space station was still used as one of the bases. That toy has had an amazing run.

  1. #1 by Douglas Quinn on December 10, 2016 - 9:19 am

    That headless SHA that recently sold for $270 whatever…. That was the same one that had been featured in a thread on LRG. I believe you had even commented on the thread- Kinnikuman or Muscle was the question at the time. The lot was won for around $50- I even mention being pisssssed about forgetting to bid. haha… There were more than 50 figures in the lot- I think…so that headless SHA actually sold for less than a penny about a year ago!

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