Stir Up Saturday – Lots of Censorship

Do you remember this?

I didn’t. I had to read this to catch up. It looks like, after five years, even they were taking a look back.

Still feels pretty topical too.

The “Lots of Censorship” title was crowbarred in this week. I’m not Hemmingway.

The censorship topic was easy to talk about five years later. I didn’t really have anything to say about the #220 figure. But I was interested in the Lots from Auction Watch #90.

Don’t the listings feel as relevant as ever?

And the BIN filter works with the six lots. Interesting.

The poster is especially interesting to me. It looks like my guess wasn’t too bad. The final price was $56.55 and I thought it would sell for $42.50. Being $14 off on a poster isn’t too bad – if I do say so myself.

Poster prices are always weird. Condition is everything. An excited buyer might overpay a little for a damaged poster, but there aren’t enough bidders to drive up a damaged poster. An excited buyer may fall victim to a stupid BIN too.

I wonder what a mint poster would sell for today? I stand by the prices I suggested, but a perfectly mint one would make people crazy…I think?

Maybe I think that because we haven’t seen one like that in so long.

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