Stir Up Saturday – Forgotten Errors

I feel like I’m reading some of these posts for the first time. I don’t remember either of these posts.

#221 Head Tag
Error Trend?

I’ll start with the Manufacturing Error Figure Update. I wonder if I thought this was more interesting at the time.

When I read (more accurately, re-read) it I just thought, “Yeah. Duh.”

Was this information novel at the time? Maybe. Today I probably would post something like this in the Epilogue. I must have been really struggling for content that week.

I don’t remember writing this post at all.

I don’t remember Auction Watch #91 either.

#4 Front - No Logo, Poster

#4 Front - No Logo, Poster

I’m the most confused by the 28-pack.

In the write-up I mention that the No Logo #4 28-pack hadn’t been documented. I checked the site and it is there today. I thought, “Did I buy it?”

After checking I wasn’t the buyer. I had to find out how I got the pictures. It turns out Cesar P. provided them for the site. How could I forget this entire saga?

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