Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #92

By Professor Terry

This week I’ve decided to talk about the Pentagon range of figures. This will be short as to be honest, I don’t have a massive amount to say on him. I own some, they look okay.

I do like the 6″ Great Kinkeshi one the best as he has a chunkiness about him. I don’t like the Romando at all. He has the lousy arms and for some reason, horns sticking out of his shoulders which no other Pentagon figure I own has. So I have no idea what that’s about. At least the Romando shows the fact that he has a star faced mask on which I quite like.

Every other Pentagon I have is a bit ho hum to me. I’m sure there are collectors that like the sculpt, I just don’t.

At this point you’re probably think why I even bothered to do a MMMM post about Pentagon. I did take the time to pull out the figures and have them pose for a photo in the “Photo Booth” as my wife calls it. As I sit here typing this I don’t even know myself. I think it was just easy to grab them out, there weren’t many and it’s a different figure to showcase.

I’m sorry everyone but that’s really about it.

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