Stir Up Saturday – Artistic Rehab Bugs

Art got reorganized. These are not the most popular posts, but I was really happy with this update. Art hasn’t had a change since this reorganization. There have been additions, but they all fit into the new model.

If I look at the tag size to the right I’m happy that Art 100 is the largest and Art 300 is the smallest. It makes me feel like there is the correct amount of coverage for each category. However, I wish I could cover them all more often.

I only have one Art regret. Dr. M.U.S.C.L.E. still sits untouched. A few people kindly reached out, but I was the one that dropped the ball.

Auction Watch #94.

I don’t mean to brag, but I predicted the second auction would end at $17.50 and it ended at $16.50. That’s pretty good. You don’t need to look how close I was one the first one. It was in the park, but nothing I can brag about.

What really struck me about the two auctions is that they are decent auctions. But there isn’t any…there isn’t any…what is the word I’m looking for?

There isn’t anything melodramatic about the auctions. These are auctions with no interest Taking a Bug to the Zoo.

This was in the Epilogue five years ago.

I have nothing to add. I just like it. I hope you did too.

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