Epilogue – Week of March 12th

Did you guys have a good week?

I hope so. I know that sounds disingenuous, but I really do.

If you didn’t have a good week, then be happy you’re not dead. Or, at least, remember there is always someone that has it worse.

Before looking at what’s happening with M.U.S.C.L.E. and eBay, I thought I would mention something about eBay and me. I imagine most readers saw my post on LittleRubberGuys.com about the Green #168 figure. If you didn’t, then my plan is to sell one of my extra extra Green #168 figures.

Why did my brain switch 186 and 168? (Look at the file name.)

I’ve been on the fence regarding which figure I should sell. Broken or mint. The logical part of my brain screamed every time I thought about selling the mint figure.

But that’s what I’m going to do. My heart already knew the answer. Plus, selling the mint figure helps the most people. How?

All the proceeds will go to Toys for Tots. The more money raised, the more kids that are helped. A mint figure raises more money. And it probably makes the collector happier too. I know I’ve complained about my last Toys for Tots effort. I believe it will be better this time.

Maybe I will sell some additional SUPER RARE items too?

I think this is also the perfect springboard for the Terrible Auction Picture Contest. I thought it would be funny if M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors posted single figure auctions (or whatever you want), with really terrible pictures, on eBay.

But just posting these shitty pictures, without any good reason, makes us assholes. Nothing more.

Instead, I was thinking that the goal could be raising money for Toys for Tots. The picture with the highest final price would win the contest. People can “vote” by bidding on the auction. I would hope that the auctioneers would donate their proceeds to Toys for Tots. To claim their prize the winner would send in their donation receipt.

What do you guys think of the contest? Would you guys participate? Post your ideas in the Comments section below.

If it sounds like this contest has legs, then I’ll set-up rules and prizes next week.

258 auctions as I take a look at the M.U.S.C.L.E. listings.
Just about everything in this lot is in rough shape and shipping is $25. I’m shocked it has a bid.
This makes more sense as a $10 lot.
A pair for a penny.
Yikes. Is this the most beat-up lot ever?
This is exactly how a wife would sell your toys.

4,196 BIN listings. Yuck.
Still listed and price dropping. My hatred of CUITEs is no secret. But there are a few of you out their that like them. What is a fair price for this lot? It can’t be more than $50, can it?

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BRoSnFwjMTI/ hidecaption=true width=320]

That’s it. The BIN’s are just shit.

Seriously, if you have a BIN M.U.S.C.L.E. then you’re probably an asshole. That’s a very broad stroke, but it sure seems accurate this week.

Great picture Dr. Soups. This is easily my favorite picture of these two spectacular figures. Do yourself a favor and pick one up today.

I’d love for Ironhaus Productions to bring back the full-size Necrolossus too. Hopefully from this screen to Jimmy’s ears.

Have a great weekend!

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