Epilogue – Week of March 19th

I haven’t forgotten about this idea. I was busy this week. It should be live next week. Life trumped M.U.S.C.L.E. this week.

– You can do $6.99 for a damaged one or $6 with crazy shipping or just go right to the source with the best price and shipping.
Right price for full set. Wrong price for dirty 1/2 of set.
I would have sold you a set for $10 (or was it $15?).
What would you pay for 12 mint Flesh figures? (It’s not what they want you to pay.)

Just take a look at all of gunsmoke.50’s auction. I was going to praise each auction, but he’s got a lot of sweet stuff starting at $0.99. This seller has a long history of being a cool seller of great stuff. I think this is the best listing, but all of them are great.

As I looked at gunsmoke.50’s past appearances I noticed this Salmon #107 auction from 2010. Looks like it’s still for sale (seven years later) and at a higher price too!

I know it’s a Purple #3, but I know bidders want it to be Purple #3.
Well done taking those pictures.
I honestly can’t remember the last lot from Mexico.
I don’t know about the price, but it was cool to see.
How dare you come from Canada and not have a Class A figure!
What?! I should sell bubbles taped to 4-packs. Fuck.
They have 10 of these?
“MUST SEE…” Not really.
The population would be better of if bidding on this killed you.
Poor guy. He’ll never find a home.

Did you see this?

Honestly, I don’t think it’s that amazing. I could have done it. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy watching it.

Might be a Star Wars movie marathon this weekend at our house.

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