Stir Up Saturday – Challie

Last week I failed to post a SUS. It’s not really a bad thing. There wasn’t too much to talk about. I was happy to see the MUSCLEMANIA updates, but that’s it. I have nothing to say about it.

I had something to say about the Epilogue, but it hardly carried an entire post. There were three things that stood out to me: (1) the video still cracks me up; (2) that squirt gun still rules; and (3) I hate direct linking. I have no idea what the picture was. From now on I’m always hosting the picture and providing a link.

But that’s all ancient news. I prefer to look back exactly five years ago; not five years and one week.

Unfortunately for me, there’s only one post from five years ago and it’s an Epilogue. Fortunately, it’s a memorable one for me.

Challie was really inspiring for me. I thought I finally had the tool to make my own figures. I did. I made a second one too. Did I ever share it?

Five years later it reminds me about the importance of passion. You have to really care about something to keep doing it. When you care about something you can find the time to do it. Take this site. It exists because I have fun doing it. I don’t always have time to do it, but I always come back.

It also makes me think about the rest of the stuff I fill my life with everyday. I’m not perfect, but I’m probably doing the best I’ve ever done filling it with things I’m passionate about.

Here’s the strange part. It makes me feel like I understand other people even less.

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