Epilogue – Week of September 10th

Better late than never?

I meant to use this gif in Auction Watch #223. It seemed funny to me. It does not seem funny here. But I did add it to AW #223.

Was it worth the effort? We’ll find out in five years during a SUS.

A shame you can’t see the edges, but still a pretty nice looking poster.
They have a “LIGHT CURVE.” Do you think she meant slight? Whatever people are going to be banging their #153 boners into each other.
– “Box has excessive wear; slightly bent corners, it is slightly warped, and the bubble is crushed. Condition of packaging 6.5/10” What would a five look like?!?!

If I had the time, then I would start buying these kinds of auctions and returning them. “It wasn’t really ‘bright’ orange,” or some other silly reason would be my complaint. I’d make sure everything was shipped separately. Send back an extra figure and ask for it back.

I know that daydream is insanely childish and petty, but it would be so much fun.

If I won the lottery, then that daydream would become my full-time job.

Nice picture. Shit lot.
“SHELL ACCOUNT.” Do you think she meant shill? Or is she afraid of larger scale shell accounts?
If I haven’t said it before, then I’ll say it now. I don’t like this guy.
This guy too.
Why bother? Although that could be said with most M.U.S.C.L.E. listings.
Pick a better picture Dennis.
This looks better than 6.5 or 7.5 or…8.5?
Are we entering another MUSCLEMANIA dry period? It seems like we couldn’t avoid them for a period of time, but now they are far and few between. No?

Did you guys see this?

I’m a sucker for clever squirrel videos. It reminds me not to fight them over the birdfeeder.

Did you guys see this? I walked away with two things: (1) I love that human animals can be so stupid; and (2) UofM needs to start offering degrees. Hell, I’ll make you do a little work and charge you a fraction of $8,100.

Finally, I want to end with one of the strangest things that I have ever witnessed.

Since I can remember, whenever I travel, I get in a hotel room and look out the window. I imagine that it’s not a terribly original habit.

Maybe there’s a part of me expecting to see Christie Brinkley at the pool?

I still haven’t seen Christie, but I saw something that was equally surprising. This girl was putting on a yoga show by the pool. I felt like a creep snapping the pictures, but I figured nobody would really understand the oddity without pictures. I literally couldn’t believe it. I sent them immediately to my wife.

Obviously, she was also in disbelief. She asked the appropriate question, “What the fuck is she doing?”

For science, I had been trying to figure it out too. She was taking pictures of herself…by the pool…of a Residence Inn. I do not understand social media. I am old.

As a final point of comparison, this is the last hotel picture I took. And this one is still my favorite.

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