Epilogue – Week of September 24th

What a difference a week can make.

The last window.

This week’s window.

I hope that made you smile. I don’t know how you feel, but I can’t find many sites/outlets that don’t bum me out. Facebook and TV is filled with kneeling, hate, bombs, and nothing I find fun. I hope this site provides you the relief that it provides me.

I know that sometimes people don’t think I’m having fun. They get their panties bunched. It’s happened once or twice. 🙂

But I’m only having fun. Does this seem like fun? I hope so. Rereading it made me smile. Maybe my sense of humor is just very different.

$0.99. 32 Flesh figures. Anything else I should mention?
Just be cool Mega Man figures.
Don’t change. (I said it in this voice thinking about this.)
He meant affect, right?
How confused and excited is this seller?
Not a bad poster, but folded posters bum me out.
If I was a Sunshine fan, then I wouldn’t mind spending a little more on this 4-pack.
Nothing could make me buy this 4-pack.
Did those seem like weird pictures to you? People will still find the two #153 figures.
Worst auction ever?

Since there wasn’t an Auction Watch this week I felt responsible to provide an update on the race. There’s a 1% change. The first racer had the figure at “10% off” the list price of $71.22, but now the figure is 11% off.

The excitement! The drama! The speed!


Who will get closest to $10 first? (From Auction Watch #198.)

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