Epilogue – Week of November 5th

Funny is so frustratingly subjective. It is even more frustrating when you know it would make one of your friends laugh – but probably zero other people. Let’s see if I’m wrong.

I was driving home from Oshawa, Canada (why does that location stick out in my mind). It’s about a five hour drive depending on the border guard’s temperament. I was doing it so I could be home to spend the day with my youngest; who was going to be home sick from school. It meant lots of extra juggling with work and just about everything else.

During the drive I had a thought, “Damn it. I’m not going to get a post done today or tomorrow.” Then I laughed. Ok, not really a “laugh.” It was a internal snicker.

I snickered at the times idiots told me I should “spend more time with my kids” instead of playing with my “stupid little pink men.” Of course, that message was always delivered electronically.

Anyways, I had my snicker.

The next day my youngest ate some soup. He watched some Netflix in my bed, and then he wanted to look at the toys I was “playing with” (he doesn’t fully understand the subtle art of displaying plastic art). We watched The Bee Movie after that.

I know one person that would laugh at that story. That’s probably why we’ve been best friends since kindergarten.

Rare has become a synonym for dull.
– I would want to buy this for Silverman and Goldman figures.

Whoa. This stopped me in my tracks. I won’t continue with my insanity, but this kind of listing hurts the M.U.S.C.L.E. community. This kind of listing makes a Flesh #180 harder to get and he is the easiest to own.

If this is from LRG, then we’re throwing around “professionals.” (Love you Jon.)
Hmm. Ok.
Still feels $59.99 too high, but I hate these things.
In fairness, this lot is $3 too high.
Look what I found when I searched, “Red Blue Purple.”

It just hit me. Oshawa.

It’s short. I’m out of gas.

And I need that energy to spend time with my kids.

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