New FLAF (Strong Men) Color

New Count Dookula and Iron Claw From: Planet Fun

Late last week I received a very nice email from Planet Fun. They stated they had been “studying hard” but were a bit confused about the strange FLAF’s they had in their shop. They couldn’t find evidence of a yellow FLAF/Strong Men or FLAF’s with this much flashing.

I told them it was because they had the first documented examples of these figures!

Count Dookula
From: Planet Fun

Iron Claw
From: Planet Fun

These are amazing additions to the FLAF/Strong Men archive.

I told Planet Fun that, usually, when people share pictures they are looking for advice. As a rule I’ve avoided asking to buy their things because I want my advice to be pure and not self-serving. (I’m 99.999% sure I’ve never done it.) I told them these figures were the first time I considered breaking that rule.

The good news is that I believe these figures will be listed on eBay. I’ll certainly be placing a bid.

Thanks again to Planet Fun for sharing these pictures with collectors! If any M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors are ever ever in Savannah, Georgia, then be sure to stop by their shop and personally say, “Thanks!”

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