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Thank goodness, I was posting again. Creating something from nothing, with Stir Up Saturday, is tough. This week it is especially easy because I have some things I want to talk about.

The return post packed in too much stuff. I should have broken that stuff into multiple posts. The Michelle Jenneke joke is probably the only thing that couldn’t have been it’s own post. I found it interesting to see a Non-Poster auction. I can’t remember the last time that happened for something like a Non-Poster figure. With eBay shenanigans picking up again I wonder if UofM auctions would be welcomed back?

Last week I shared my OMFG frustration story. I should have added the frustration of the website not being mentioned when they talked about the yellow figures. Sure, they said “University of M.U.S.C.L.E.” but the site’s address is Is that just sour grapes?

Re-watching the video five years later it is exceedingly boring. Holy fuck.

I pity the fool that doesn’t pay Jabba!

Speaking of ToyBreak and George Gasper, there was quite a kerfuffle over some comments he made about art versus bootlegs. I didn’t bother to re-watch it.

I think my editorial on the topic was pretty good. I still think it’s pretty good. It feels awkward to admit that, but I think it’s one of the best UofM posts I’ve ever done.

Am I crazy for thinking that?

Maybe I just like my Mr. T/Greedo mash-up picture.

I wish Auction Watch #124 had final prices.

Finally, there was the Epilogue. I still think my opening dick joke was funny, but probably inappropriate. And the Perry Hand Job book still makes me laugh.

But the most interesting part is the number of clicks that the picture to the right has received. The all-time number one clicked image was when I had the Lex Corp. logo from Batman v Superman. Second behind that image is the image to the right. Lex Corp. had 37% more clicks than the boobs. Quite a bit, but BvS is another level of web traffic.

The Boobs has 137% more clicks than any other UofM image.

All the work I have ever done on this site is dwarfed by big boobs on a boat.

I would say that I’m bummed, but boobs rule the internet. I understand.

We’re Back!

Editorial: Art vs. Bootlegs – I Have the Answer

Auction Watch #124

Epilogue – Week of February 17th

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