Art 300 – Halloween Gorewads

Halloween Gorewads
By Ironhaus Productions

Halloween Gorewads from Ironhaus Productions

As we head towards spring, what’s the best way to start wrapping up winter? Obviously the answer is to review Halloween figures.

I don’t know what it is about Gorewads. Again, I can’t be objective. I won’t try to be objective. I love these figures. I especially love these three figures.

Normally my minifigures are displayed, and I’m working on displaying more of them, but these figures have earned a special distinction in our family. These figures have become Halloween decorations. The boys insisted on it. I couldn’t argue with them.

I hope people don’t have a negative impression of that statement. Their “decoration” status was given from a place of love and admiration. In fact, me and the boys talked about how it should be a yearly release in different colors.

I know there were three sculptors of these three figures. I apologize that I’m not sure of the specifics. Feel free to correct me in the comments.

Let’s start with the pumpkin figure.

This figure is simply a gem. It was everyone’s favorite of the group. I believe part of that was driven by the pumpkin figure being orange. It sounds embarrassingly simple, but I think it’s true. I looked at all of the figures, cast in other colors, and the sculpts seem much more equivalent.

I was really impressed with the spider on the back too. It was a perfect choice of scale. I was impressed that in never “bleed” into the figure (where you couldn’t decipher spider vs. pumpkin) nor did it just plop carelessly onto the figure.

As a very broad rule, I prefer my minifigures unpainted. I think this figure begs to be painted. A novice could make it look cool and a master could create a stunning piece of art.

This Gorewad might be more art than toy – but I don’t mind. The figure actually inspired me. I imagined recasting and shrinking the figure. I imagined turning the figure into a head and headswapping it onto a #207 or #136 figure.

Next up we have our witch.

I think the bulging eye, cauldron, and flames are what make this a great figure. Or, at least, those are my favorite parts.

I would be nervous to try and sculpt a witch figure. I would be afraid of re-creating someone else’s witch. This sculpt doesn’t feel like that at all.

The most shocking thing about this figure is that it doesn’t feel like a Monster in My Pocket. It feels like a Gorewad. Maybe that’s the most impressive thing about this figure!

The only thing that the pictures fail to properly illustrate is the iridescence-like shine the figure has. It really isn’t a simple, straight-ahead black figure.

Like the pumpkin figure, this figure’s artistic qualities inspired me. It would be cool to insert a small LED light under this figure is it was cast in a more translucent color.

Last, but far from least, the scarecrow.

I was super charmed by him holding a brain – and not for a second did I think Wizard of Oz. The face of the scarecrow is the reason I didn’t have that idea. That’s the face of a scary scarecrow that ripped out someone’s brain. It’s not the face of a scarecrow wishing for a brain.

Again, I’m shocked that this doesn’t have a Monster in My Pocket feel to it. It feels like a 100% Gorewad and that’s really impressive to me.

This green color is also ridiculously awesome. It looks great and doesn’t hide a detail. It reminds me of the Bunyip color, but it’s not the same. There’s just something about this color range (?) that works great for detailed minifigures.

I usually tell what the price was, but I don’t remember. For me, that’s usually a sign of being money well spent.

Hopefully these come out each Halloween. I would sign-up for a yearly subscription.

I did take a size comparison picture for these figures too. They were larger than I was expecting, since many Gorewads are almost microfigures. I thought their size was perfect.

Size Comparison to a #153 Figure

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