Art 300: Gutter Kawaii – Bird Wizard

Gutter Kawaii – Bird Wizard
By Ironhaus Productions

Gutter Kawaii is a new brand of minifigures from Ironhaus Productions. The original release of these figures, on January 26th of this year, was a yellow-ish figure with an ink wash (called “Antique Style” in the store). A more recent release has the figures cast in unwashed, basic colors.

The figure comes with a small two-inch, square trading card.

The back of the header card is different from the back of the Lieutenant of Doom.

The figure is smaller than the two-inch card. It is approximately 1 1/4-inch tall.

The figure cost $12, plus shipping.

The Ironhaus Productions blog suggested that there are “a couple surprises throughout this batch.” This figure appears to be a regular version.

I wish that I could say more about this figure. I wish I could properly articulate my feelings. I can’t.

I simply love this figure. He is a Bird Wizard.

Like I said in the Lieutenant of Doom review, I was surprised people were “meh” about the antique style. I think it may be the secret to this figure’s success.

Size Comparison with #153 Figure

Don’t get me wrong. This sculpt is fucking awesome. But the wash really makes it pop!

I think the wash is key to the skull. It makes the skull scarier, which helps the bird look sillier. I don’t know if that was intentional, but I think it is charming. If you hear Bird Wizard, then I think “funny weirdo.” This figure perfectly captures it.

I called Jimmy the King of Microfigures in the last review, and this figure strengthens the argument.

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