Auction Watch #258

The Tweak and Warp, which I bid on, is probably still going. Not really much to talk about. The almost unused sticker sheet sold for $9.95 ($17.20 with shipping). I wouldn’t have paid almost $20 for it, but I thought last week someone might. They did.

Finally the Class A auction. I wanted the Red #139 figure. I didn’t want any of the other Class A figures: Purple #2; Light Blue #157; and Salmon #165 and #167. The lot sold for $571.99. Wow.

My top bid was $376. It made me vomit, but I thought I needed to give a fair effort. Of course, I didn’t really factor in the other four figures. Probably a mistake. If the Red #139 was $376, then the rest of the lot was $195.99. Subtract $25 for the 50 extra figures and you’re at $170.99 for the last four Class A figures. That works out to $42.75 per figure.

Given the mess that Class A collecting has become; it’s not too crazy. But did everyone else think the bidder with (8) feedback was a total shill? I’ve also decided shill bidding is almost impossible to identify if the seller is motivated. There’s no reason not to assume the (349) and (3676) aren’t also shill. How would we ever know? God damn I hate eBay.

Thankfully there was one thing I liked. The first (and only thing worth looking at), Vending Display With Kinnikuman M.U.S.C.L.E. Bootlegs Mini-figures Ultraman, is a neat display card for a vending machine.

The only bummer is that the opening bid is $32. I like the card, but I don’t think it is attractive enough for a $32 opening bid. However, I imagine a fan of these cards will happily bid $32. It’s been some time since we’ve seen one of these pop-up.

Can you imagine seeing that card when you were a kid? What a huge risk/reward scenario. You could put in a quarter and get a “M.U.S.C.L.E.” figure or you could end up with a heart bracelet. Yikes.

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