Stir Up Saturday – They Do Stop

I like this #124 Warp

Three new warped figures were added five years ago. That #124 figure really charms me.

I was sorry to see that the video from Website Review #16 has disappeared. I couldn’t find it on YouTube either. Reading between the lines of my own writing, I don’t think I cared very much for the video. I can’t remember either way – I’m just guessing.

Finally the Epilogue. Those videos are gone too. I don’t care. The picture had disappeared, but I was able to fix it.

It is a little bit terrifying that the Epilogue is that last October post. It’s basically the last post for quite some time. SUS is going to get more difficult to write over the next few many weeks.

Warped Figures Updates

Website Review #16 – What Are Kinkeshi?

Epilogue – Week of September 29th

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