Stir Up Saturday – Starting Again, Again

SUS can finally return to its original format.

I have a clear memory of writing this post. I especially remember picking the Sam the Eagle gif. It made me laugh, because of his indifference, but I wondered if it would make sense.

What the hell?

I also wish I had just restarted. I didn’t explain my absence, so what’s the point of the post? The Epilogue would have been a better start.

Did anyone buy that 4-pack? I’m still more fascinated by the black instead of the five figures.

Does anyone have a 4-pack with that black background?

I’ve never seen one. That’s what makes me think it is a re-card, but that seems stupid and a colossal waste of time. I think the 4-pack sold for like $20.

If it is real, then it has to be the oddest M.U.S.C.L.E. item ever.

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