Stir Up Saturday – Pyramid Scheme

Five years ago the site was pretty #107-centric. I instantly thought, “Hey, it’s like a pyramid scheme week.” But that didn’t really make any sense.

My next thought was, “Ok, just come up with some other pyramid thing for the title. Pyramid. Pyramid…pyramid…pyramid scheme money.”

🎶I’m making money🎶That pyramid scheme money🎶

God damn it boys. You’ve managed to crowbar that song into my head. Ah, I don’t mind. It’s fun watching it with them – even if it has burned useless information into my brain.

Five years ago the week didn’t start with a pyramid, but it did start with something blocky. The MMMM #26 featured Kinnikuman Kubrick figures.

Five years ago, I probably would have struggled to answer Terry’s question. Today it is easy for me; I’m an opener. The exception would be something in amazing and/or special packaging; stuff like this or this.

The week became #107-focused with Another Happy M.U.S.C.L.E. Story. It was super cool for Cesar to help the Guide like he did.

I included the gif that was on the homepage when it originally posted. That little kid’s excitement captured my feelings perfectly. It was so cool for Cesar to help. It was so cool to complete the #107 figure portion of the guide. I hate to quote myself, but this still rings very true for me, “His generosity is the bedrock of this silly little hobby.”

I still agree. I might point out a lot of shitty stuff, but that’s because it is right in front of us as collectors. However, I think most of us still playing with these silly little toys are pretty nice people.

The 1st Example of All the #107 Colors In One Picture!
Thanks to Cesar.

It is weird to to think that five years ago the picture above was a first. It was the first documented example of all the #107 colors in one picture. I don’t say that to brag, I say that because it is hard to believe. Even five years ago M.U.S.C.L.E. figures were still somewhat sparsely documented.

I guess that makes the #107 figure post the second time it happened.

Sixty months ago I reviewed the Cthulhu from Eric Nilla and Phil Staszkiw. It is embarrassing that I don’t know ow he came into my possession. If I had to bet, then it would be all-in on it being an extra thrown into another order.

That’s not a judgement like, “I wouldn’t ave spent money on that figure.” It’s based on the lack of header card. I’ve saved about 99.9% of header cards. I don’t have this one.

I wonder how many people have this figure?

He’s pretty freaking cool. Part of me would like to see him in another color, but the Flesh version is so perfect.

Wrapping up the week was the Epilogue. I guess it is a fine one. The outstanding part is the gif to the right. That kid still cracks me up.

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