Epilogue – Week of March 24th

Running this website has been a total pain this week. My hosting company keeps shutting the site down for work they didn’t do when I migrated over to a larger server a few years ago. The language barrier is not making things any easier. At one point their solution was for me to hire someone to do the work. Have they taken a look at this site?

I’ve told them, “This is a stupid hobby site about stupid toys. Why would I hire someone to do the work you guys should have done years ago?”

It falls of deaf ears.

In fairness, I would probably treat someone the same way if I was given a job, with specific-transcriptional instructions, and forced to communicate in a second language. I finally got one person that was slightly helpful. I think I can bungle my way through their confusing requests.

I’m expecting the site to be up and down for the next few days. Please be patient. Or don’t. Whatever.

This week I’ll also be skipping eBay. We could all use a break.

Last week I said the AOTW should be a “Buyer’s Edition.” I decided to give it a try this week.

Obviously the buyer that paid $1500 for a $3 keshi has to be in he competition. We did learn that he didn’t pay, because the figure is relisted.

The second AOTW combatant also comes from last week’s Epilogue. I largely hate graded items. Putting that aside, any sealed 10-pack is going to grade very, very high. And what is the advantage of it containing a #153 figure? You can’t see it in the double-coffin.

Picking the next two combatants was a little more difficult. I feared overlooking an obvious choice. But there was one that was very easy to remember. The buyer of the $7600 lot. The level of assholery (yeah, it needs that made-up word) is stunning anyway you cut it. Paying that much – asshole. Stealing the figure – asshole. All a silly scam/prank – asshole.

My last pick was very difficult. There were lots of worthy competitors. In the end I settled on the guy who paid $788 for three 136 figures. I think the price is awful. But it is even worse to embolden a seller like newhobby905 make-an-offer ohsooffices_1.

Cast your vote and crown this week’s AOTW Fatal-Four Way winner. Here are the four combatants:

Guy that Paid $1500 for a $3 Keshi

Guy Paid $299 for a 10-Pack


Guy Who Paid $7600 for this Lot

Guy Who Paid $788 for 3 #136 Figures

Remember to cast your vote and crown this week’s AOTW Fatal-Four Way winner:

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Since discovering that our ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Fatal-Four Way Winner #1 is still trying to sell her empty box, I like to check in each week.

Nine weeks ago it had dropped down to $160. Eight weeks ago the price was $149. She sat firm for a period at $145. Three weeks ago it dropped to $139 and continues to hold steady.

This is the level-of-asshole it takes to be an ULTIMATE champion. Amazing. She’s one of the greats.

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