Auction Watch #288

There were three Class listings last week in AW #287. I never thought Class A listings would give me hope for the hobby. All of these final prices are fine in my book.

None of them are outrageous deals; more importantly none of the final prices are outrageous.

I also feel this is further evidence that Master Set Fools are diminishing. Any seller, or potentially seller, that planned on selling their invaluable Class A figures for a fortune better get selling. Aside from a handful of figures, Class A figures are losing their value daily.

AW’s resurgence made me nervous last week. There were three interesting listings last week. I knew I would need to post those final prices. Would there be anything interesting this week to accompany the final prices? Yes.

The first listing, MOTU M.U.S.C.L.E. Men Super7 Complete set of all 3 Series MIB, is very interesting to me.

I never really like these figures. They never felt like M.U.S.C.L.E. figures to me.

However, many people seemed to like them when they were released. Then they started showing up more and more frequently on eBay. Sure there were some dubious listings from China (e.g., like this one), but most seemed a lot like this one. It seemed like there were too many with BIN’s that seemed way too high. Especially since you can still buy lots of stuff on the Super7 store.

I’m interested in this first lot because it is starting at $0.99. I think this will give a better perspective on the popularity and demand for these figures.

High price; low price; I’m just interested to see the ending.


I recently missed the Fisto I needed. Seeing more of Wolf’s figures so quickly pleasantly surprised me.

The auction description featured the most surprising information. The figures are made of a “keshi rubber type.” Really? I think all of my figures are resin. Did I completely miss the rubber release?

I wish, like the Fisto listing, this was an auction. I’m not terribly moved by the $16.95 BIN. It’s not a horrible price, but it’s not too-good-to-pass-up either.

Maybe it is the colors hurting my opinion on the price? I loved my original colors and thought that the Flesh was even better. These are a little on the blah side – but they probably color change. (Just my guess.)

The final listing, Large Lot of 157 Mattel Vintage 1980’s M.U.S.C.L.E. Men Action Figures + extra, is an old school mixed lot. Do people believe lots like this one used to be more routine?

The main auction picture is a little bit misleading. The 10-pack is open. And I don’t think all the board game figures are included.

However, it’s a nice mix of stuff. The belt and ring are in really great condition; even if their boxes are in rough condition.

The lot started at $49.99 and the shipping isn’t insane. As of writing the lot is at $95. Because I haven’t see a lot like this one in so long it is difficult to predict the final price. I can imagine a newer collector freaking out at the jump start this provides to a collection. But do those people still exist?

Again, I don’t know – but I’m interested to see if they exist.

Or is some dopey re-seller licking their delusional chops?

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