Stir Up Saturday – The 150th Entry

As I mentioned last week there weren’t any posts five years ago during this time. Certainly a problem when this write-up is focused on what was posted five years ago.

Every #150 MUSCLE FigureInstead, in honor of this being the 150th SUS entry, I’ll take a look at #150’s appearances on the website.

The obvious entry is the #150 figure post. But it has been mentioned more than that post.

In early 2017, #150 showed up in AW #204 as a part of an insane lot. It is the only time #150 has been featured in an Auction Watch. I don’t expect it to ever happen again.

The #150 figure also showed up in The 233 Counterfeit Collection, the 28-Pack page, and The M.U.S.C.L.E. Mega-Match Game. I don’t have anything to add to those posts.

But the most interesting #150-related entry is, in my opinion, The People vs. M.U.S.C.L.E. – Part 2. In the commercial we see a Flesh #150; not too exciting. However, that write-up was written in March of 2010. In June of 2011 we learned, from Joe Morrison, that color figures were created for the commercial. We know that some of the figures featured in the commercial shouldn’t exist.

I think that some of these figures trickle out. I think they might be the suspicious one-off figures that pop-up. I think they might be some of the odd coloring we see. Guys like Stan could have handed them out to neighborhood kids.

I don’t think we’d ever be able to 100% verify this idea, but it’s a fun consideration.

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