Auction Watch #330

Aside from Brian attempting to showcase his stupidity in the Comments, there wasn’t anything to revisit from the last AW. I didn’t think anybody would care about that particular lot – even if it sold. But somebody did care. Brent bought the lot. That was a cool surprise for me.

The first listing, M.U.S.C.L.E. Men 1986 Mattel Vintage Figures 4-pack cardback, honestly made me laugh.

At one point, I could appreciate some difficultly in throwing away cardbacks, but before too long I was ready to properly call them “trash.”

I had never faced the reality of throwing away a M.U.S.C.L.E. cardback. Maybe it actually isn’t so easy? Incorrect. It was SOOOOO much easier than I ever imagined. My cardback hit the recycle bin as soon as I was done. I wouldn’t have thought about it again if it wasn’t for this first listing.

This is literally a listing for garbage. And what are they charging for something I threw in the recycling bin without a second thought? $19.99 plus shipping. Hilarious. Totally hilarious.

MUSCLE Sealed Board Game

2nd Listing – Sealed Board Game

The second listing, the M.U.S.C.L.E. mega-match game, doesn’t excite me at all and that’s ok.

There has never been a period of time, that I can remember, where we have seen so many sealed board games. Or maybe this one is clouding my judgment.

Throwing my feelings about these recent games aside, I am curious to see the final price. It is not because I think it will be representative of board game prices. I think we’re going to see new collectors overspend on it. Like, WAY over spend on it. And I’m very curious to see the end result because there are only two outcomes: (1) I’m correct and we can dissect the carcass; or (2) I’m incorrect and we can be relieved that new collectors aren’t 100% clueless.

Recently evelogic has been at the forefront of the $0.99 Class A listings. Some sellers are still hesitant to adopt this strategy. Making $1,1610.17 on his last 11 Class A figures would convince me is I was hesitant, but stupid people can never be convinced – especially if recent and relevant data is used. Plus they’ll probably make an Argument from Ignorance and say, “They would have sold for more if they had higher opening bids or BINs.”

Something is true because you can’t prove it false.

Anyways, he has two Class A figures listed that both started at $0.99.

The last Green #189 was in a French-Canadian 4-pack, had another Class A figure, and sold for $113.16. I’m not terribly interested, but it’s worth documenting.

The #134 will be much more interesting to watch. My expectation is that Master Set Fools will be aggressively chasing this guy.

Wrapping things up is the fifth listing, M.u.s.c.l.e. Men 1980’s. Lot Of 68 Plus 7 Doubles And 2 Extra Figures, which has two Class A figures.

The two figures are Dark Blue #73 and Red #113. The Red #113 recently sold for $41, but it’s been a long time since we saw a Dark Blue #73. We won’t get an exact purchase price, but we’ll get an interesting result that probably lets us make an informed guess.

Class A figures often feel like they appear in waves. We see a bunch together and then it calms down. Lately it feels like the wave is neither building nor ending. We’re being fed a pretty steady diet of Class A figures. I’m genuinely wondering when it will end.

Obviously, I hope it isn’t anytime soon. It’s like watching a baseball game I don’t care about.

I love the Detroit Tigers. They’re my childhood team. They’re my home team. There just a bit more emotionally invested in those games. The 2006 World Series meant a lot more to me than the 2009 World Series.

When I watch other MLB or college games I can just sit back and enjoy the game. There’s nothing “on the line” for me. That’s what it feels like to me watching some Class A listings. I’m a Master Set Fool, and these are my M.U.S.C.L.E. Tigers, enjoying watching the games.

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