107 Days

Damn, it’s been 107 days since I failed to properly upload MMMM #53.

I’m giving myself 48 hours to fix that. If I can fix it in 48 hours, then maybe I can get this thing up of the ground.

  1. #1 by St. on May 30, 2015 - 7:44 pm

    I hope you keep up your blog! When I was a child I had loved MUSCLEs. So, I decided to introduce my son to them. I used advice on your sight to expand my collection. In particular getting the board game had always been a goal of mine. Years ago I found your auction watch 56, which convinced me to get the board game (I won the auction). My son and I played with MUSCLEs for a while and then his interest flagged…. However, today I came home and found him with all his MUSCLES out on the floor! He had made taxonomic groupings of the muscles (which then of course engaged in battles). We played with our battle arena and looked for the old cartoons online, both of which were slightly disappointing. We also looked around at websites etc. (such as yours) which was fun. The highlight of the day was playing the board game. Now that he is 8 the level of strategy was just right. He also appreciated that he had some “rare” figures because they were only associated with the board game.

    Thanks for your blog! I do hope you keep it up.

    (PS I made my odd comment in auction watch 56 because someplace I had seen posts from collectors bemoaning the fact that somebody would draw attention to auctions and potentially drive up prices… which is a really lame sentiment).

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