Auction Watch #149

This week’s Auction Watch features only two auctions. The two auctions feature carded Alien Wrestler figures which are a part of Art 100: Bootleg & Counterfeit Figures – specifically the subsection Identified Brands of Counterfeit Figures.

Alien Wrestlers seemed to be a much more common appearance within the M.U.S.C.L.E. community approximately 10 years ago. However, this isn’t meant to suggest that they are rare. Based on the number of carded Alien Wrestlers that were traded and sold in the past, there are plenty of them “out there.” However most of them are likely in the hands’ of the very small and devoted niche of Counterfeit collectors. That reason alone probably explains their infrequent appearances on eBay.

That’s part of the reason these two auctions are so very interesting.

The first auction, M.U.S.C.L.E. Men knockoff Alien Wrestlers MOC muscle men Taiwan, was actually the second of the two auctions listed. It begs the question, “Was this seller inspired to list because of the original auction?”

Perhaps. It is easy to think that because the second auction, MUSCLE M.U.S.C.L.E KO Alien Wrestler rare generic knockoff knock 80s 90s MOC, was listed before the first auction. (Editor’s Note: Head’s Ups! When this Auction Watch posts this auction will probably have less than 12 hours remaining.)

And it’s easy to praise the second auction. With an opening bid of $5 the seller of the second auction seems to have a clear understanding that this item has a very limited niche of collectors. They seem to want 100% of $5. And with such a specialized niche item it is wise to start an auction low; bringing in more bidders.

Starting the bidding low was the same tactic used the last documented time a carded Alien Wrestler was sold. How much did that item sell for? $51.

Fun little niche auctions like these two are always fun to watch. Because of the item. Because of the strategies. Because of the prices. And because it is fun.

If it’s not fun, then why bother?

Final Results of the Auctions:

Final Price: $41

Final Price: Unknown

The first auction seems to have simply disappeared. The auction item number 221416073240 could not be found.

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