M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure #99

#99 - Front
All Manufactured Colors

Original Retail Availability: This figure was only available in 28-Pack #4 (Cosmic Showdown).
Kinnikuman Part: Eight
English Translated Kinnikuman Name: Temari
Anecdotal Collector Name(s): Wilson or The Volleyball
Versions Available: Flesh, Green, Orange, Magenta, Purple

Other Notes: A Temari is a piece of Japanese folk art. As children, and maybe as adults, most collectors probably assumed the figure was a volleyball.

#99 - Front

#99 - Back

#99 – Green
Class B

#99 – Orange
Class C

#99 – Magenta
Class C

#99 – Purple
Class C

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This figure is not officially related to any other figures, but he is a part of the Ball-Head group.

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